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30283 TR 1053
SIEGEL, JOHN L. (Voter ID number OH0011712731).
SIEGEL, MARILYN JANE (Voter ID number OH0011712733).

30309 TR 1053
ARCHER, JESI J. (Voter ID number OH0023426141).

30341 TR 1053
BADGETT DRALLE, WANDA JOYCE (Voter ID number OH0022268442).
DRALLE, ALAN L. (Voter ID number OH0020065708).

30484 TR 1031
CHANEY, DAVID EARL (Voter ID number OH0011698934).
HAGER, STACY ANN (Voter ID number OH0015862476).

30486 TR 1052
OLINGER, VALERIE R. (Voter ID number OH0020356332).

30489 TR 1053
FOX, ANDREW LEE (Voter ID number OH0023426159).
FOX, NETTIE A. (Voter ID number OH0023196934).
SAMPSEL, E LEONE (Voter ID number OH0018907033).

41859 CR 318
MCCOMBS, JOANNE M. (Voter ID number OH0011707791).

41925 TR 1029
DEAN, FRANK R. (Voter ID number OH0011700388).

41951 CR 318
MCFADDEN, MARISSA KAYE (Voter ID number OH0022377352).

41954 TR 1029
DEAN, FRANK ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0011700381).

41981 CR 318
DUFFY, CHARLOTTE S. (Voter ID number OH0021644747).
REED, GARY S. (Voter ID number OH0011710978).
REED, PHYLLIS E. (Voter ID number OH0011710984).

41995 CR 318
TURNER, ALOTTA CARRIE (Voter ID number OH0011714485).
TURNER, CLINTON R. (Voter ID number OH0013170975).

42147 CR 318
MIKESELL, WIRT HENRY (Voter ID number OH0011708639).

42192 CR 318
FRAELICH, CLYDE C. (Voter ID number OH0011702053).
FRAELICH, KAREN K. (Voter ID number OH0011702065).

42205 CR 318
MOORE, PEGGY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011710937).
MOORE, RODGER D. (Voter ID number OH0011709185).

42247 CR 318
SAMPSEL, BECKY A. (Voter ID number OH0011711832).
SAMPSEL, FRED ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011711833).

42262 CR 318
FELTON, JAMES ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011701613).
FELTON, JENNIFER LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011701636).
MARSHALL, VAN LEE (Voter ID number OH0019139961).

42293 CR 318
HALE, JOYCE ANN (Voter ID number OH0013187526).

42300 CR 318
GEOG, CARL E. (Voter ID number OH0011702481).

42302 CR 318
JOHNSON, THOMAS R. (Voter ID number OH0019347789).

This is a privately owned genealogy website using a downloaded copy of the Ohio voter list, which is unrestricted, public information.