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780 SR 302
FISHER, DUANE E. (Voter ID number OH0018573707).

784 SR 302
WARNES, KRYSTEN M. (Voter ID number OH0019067192).
WARNES, MARGARET MAE (Voter ID number OH0023303946).
WARNES, ROBERT DAVID (Voter ID number OH0020425554).

791 SR 302
GINGERY, COEN J. (Voter ID number OH0022916136).
GINGERY, TERESA C. (Voter ID number OH0020418636).

792 TR 944
AMBROSE, CATHY RENEE (Voter ID number OH0020921061).
AMBROSE, KEVIN LEE (Voter ID number OH0012257232).

796 SR 302
WILLIAMS, REBECCA AR (Voter ID number OH0021099117).

797 SR 302
BRADY, ALEXANDER L. (Voter ID number OH0012257545).
BRADY, CYNTHIA M. (Voter ID number OH0016205891).
MCQUILLEN, ALICIA L. (Voter ID number OH0012257347).

797 SR 302, APT B
FRAZIER, JESSICA (Voter ID number OH0023161326).

805 SR 302
PUSTER, KELSEY A. (Voter ID number OH0012258543).
PUSTER, MATTHEW D. (Voter ID number OH0012245210).

806 SR 302
WEILER, MICHEAL A. (Voter ID number OH0012257863).
WEILER, WENDY B. (Voter ID number OH0012257844).

808 SR 302
DAVIS, CHESTER (Voter ID number OH0012257725).
DAVIS, PATTY J. (Voter ID number OH0012257709).

809 SR 302
BASSETT, DONALD E. (Voter ID number OH0012257964).
BASSETT, NANCY SUE (Voter ID number OH0012258015).

810 SR 302
DAVIS, DWAYNE C. (Voter ID number OH0012257781).
DAVIS, TABITHA EILEEN (Voter ID number OH0012257907).

862 CR 801
HAGNER, BONNIE L. (Voter ID number OH0012257636).
HAGNER, ROBERT R. (Voter ID number OH0017788959).

937 SR 58, APT C
ABRAMS, OLIVE F. (Voter ID number OH0012237607).

937 SR 58, B
KUMPIK, JULIE ANNE (Voter ID number OH0023395678).

938 TR 773
FOWLER, DANIEL E. (Voter ID number OH0012257384).

939 SR 58
LACIVITA, JOSEPH E. (Voter ID number OH0019420127).

941 SR 58
THOMPSON, LESA DANIELLE (Voter ID number OH0024386634).

943 SR 58
BRILLA, BESSICA JANE (Voter ID number OH0023915278).
BROWN, MICHAEL DM (Voter ID number OH0012257455).

944 SR 58, A
RHOADES, MARLENE (Voter ID number OH0019268787).

945 SR 58
BALDUCCI, MARIA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0012257516).
CLINE, DIXIE L. (Voter ID number OH0012257208).

948 SR 58
DIBERT, MARK ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0012257768).

948 TR 813
PICKERING, HAROLD DALE (Voter ID number OH0012257637).
PICKERING, LINDA K. (Voter ID number OH0012257723).

950 SR 58
HARTSEL, BRITTANY ANNE (Voter ID number OH0012258034).
HARTSEL, LINDA G. (Voter ID number OH0012257818).

950 TR 783
WELSTEAD, REBA L. (Voter ID number OH0020418246).

950 TR 813
ASHTON, ANITA MAE (Voter ID number OH0017788944).

952 SR 58
GIERHART, JERRY A. (Voter ID number OH0012257784).
MILLER, MICHELLE L. (Voter ID number OH0012246259).

959 SR 58
BRENNEMAN, ANGEL D. (Voter ID number OH0022372306).

967 SR 58
DEIBLER, CAROL RUTH (Voter ID number OH0012257186).
DEIBLER, HOWARD G. (Voter ID number OH0012257199).

969 SR 58
PAMER, WILLIAM D. (Voter ID number OH0012257466).

975 TR 783
PICKERING, JORDAN RICHARD DALE (Voter ID number OH0022895032).

976 SR 58, APT B
BANNERMAN, LYNETTE K. (Voter ID number OH0012235944).

979 TR 783
FOWLER, BONITA JUNE (Voter ID number OH0012257124).

This is a privately owned genealogy website using a downloaded copy of the Ohio voter list, which is unrestricted, public information.