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ZIP Code 45821

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HUNT, KENNETH E. (Voter ID number OH0011101737).

CLEMENS, BRODY ORION (Voter ID number OH0024653143).
CLEMENS, JAMES ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0011098147).

10005 RD 230
SMITH, DAVID H. (Voter ID number OH0011109759).
SMITH, MARILYN J. (Voter ID number OH0011107076).

10045 RD 424
HOWARD, KIMBERLY DAWN (Voter ID number OH0024964983).
PROXMIRE, KYLE PAUL (Voter ID number OH0023010933).

10139 RD 424
PROXMIRE, BRADLEY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0011105307).

10140 RD 424
STARR, LUCAN J. (Voter ID number OH0023072974).

MATTHEWS, JERRY E. (Voter ID number OH0021258258).
MATTHEWS, RONALD J. (Voter ID number OH0015666093).

KRUSE, PAUL LESTER (Voter ID number OH0011102646).
KRUSE, SYLVIA L. (Voter ID number OH0011102639).
PEASE, JEREMY E. (Voter ID number OH0017790852).

TRESSLER, CHRISTOPHER RAY (Voter ID number OH0023147970).

BUELL, DARLENE A. (Voter ID number OH0011097653).

MANZ, DONNA KAY (Voter ID number OH0011103417).
MANZ, ROBERT J. (Voter ID number OH0011103437).
MANZ, ROBERT JAMES (Voter ID number OH0024046014).

10313 RD 424
ZUBER, GREGORY D. (Voter ID number OH0022792868).
ZUBER, RUTH MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022792871).

10341 RD 424
GERSCHUTZ, VICKI L. (Voter ID number OH0011100275).

10371 RD 424
BENDELE, GARY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0022965821).
JACKSON, KELLY LEE (Voter ID number OH0024559154).

10372 RD 206
STUART, REBECCA JANE (Voter ID number OH0020107693).
WINBERG, MARK R. (Voter ID number OH0018673791).

KUPFERSMITH, MARY JEAN (Voter ID number OH0011102675).
KUPFERSMITH, RAY L. (Voter ID number OH0011102685).
STEEL, KATHERINE E. (Voter ID number OH0021681904).

10413 RD 424
REED, DUANE MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0018305057).

10433 RD 206
HANENKRATT, KYLE L. (Voter ID number OH0015632769).
STUART, JOHN C. (Voter ID number OH0011107613).

10457 RD 424
SLUSSER, MARION E. (Voter ID number OH0018158621).

10491 RD 424
RICE, BETSY L. (Voter ID number OH0011105646).

BYERS, KANNA CHRISTINE (Voter ID number OH0021687908).

10517 RD 424
MCCLAIN, MARK A. (Voter ID number OH0011103621).

10534 RD 230
FIGERT, REBECCA A. (Voter ID number OH0011099753).

10595 RD 424
BOK, CANDICE M. (Voter ID number OH0011097218).
BOK, TYLER VINCENT (Voter ID number OH0022185636).

10617 RD 424
COLWELL, LARRY (Voter ID number OH0011098293).
SMITH COLWELL, HAZEL M. (Voter ID number OH0024779522).

10653 RD 192
OVERMYER, GERALD LEE (Voter ID number OH0011104711).
OVERMYER, PENNY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011104733).

10661 RD 424
DALTON, AMY M. (Voter ID number OH0021687794).
DALTON, TRACY L. (Voter ID number OH0011098665).
WILKES, ZACHERY DANIEL (Voter ID number OH0022854923).

10705 RD 424
DAILEY, JAMES E. (Voter ID number OH0011098674).

10718 RD 192
MERRIMAN, JAMIE AMBER (Voter ID number OH0011105354).
MERRIMAN, JOHN DAVID (Voter ID number OH0011103887).

10720 RD 192
DONOVAN, JAMES P. (Voter ID number OH0011099137).
DONOVAN, MARY ELAINE (Voter ID number OH0011099133).

10725 RD 192
KEEGAN, ANTHONY EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0011102217).
KEEGAN, LISA DARLENE (Voter ID number OH0011102208).

10747 RD 424
BAILEY, DUANE ARDAN (Voter ID number OH0011096533).
BAILEY, SHARON LEE (Voter ID number OH0011096539).
PATTERSON, JAMES EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0011104849).

10762 RD 192
MEYER, MICHAEL JOHN (Voter ID number OH0011103938).
MEYER, TOMI LYN (Voter ID number OH0011103953).

WOODRING, JOHN H. (Voter ID number OH0011109034).

10849 RD 424
FISHER, KANDISE V. (Voter ID number OH0023661306).
LEWIS, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number OH0011103075).

10851 RD 230
MACK, ANITA L. (Voter ID number OH0011103342).
MACK, GARY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0011103344).

10876 RD 192
ENGLISH, MYRA JANE (Voter ID number OH0011099523).

10884 RD 192
GRUNDEN, HARRY RONALD (Voter ID number OH0011100787).

10986 RD 192
SPEISER, REX LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011107206).

11031 RD 216
MEYER, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number OH0011103945).

11081 RD 224
RINGLER, ALEXANDER T. (Voter ID number OH0023522426).
RINGLER, MELISSA DAWN (Voter ID number OH0015839483).
RINGLER, THOMAS A. (Voter ID number OH0015834454).

11100 RD 224
HARRISON, BETTY J. (Voter ID number OH0011103082).

11154 RD 230
VAN ROESSEL, MARISSA ANN (Voter ID number OH0024302804).

11174 RD 424
THOMPSON, JOSEPH H. (Voter ID number OH0022537936).

11201 RD 192
HURTIG, JASON E. (Voter ID number OH0011101769).
LAKER, MICHELLE RENEE (Voter ID number OH0011102747).

11224 RD 206
DANIELS, TERI ANN (Voter ID number OH0011098708).
DANIELS, WALLACE CARROLL (Voter ID number OH0011098728).

11232 RD 230
BANET, CRYSTAL ROSE (Voter ID number OH0021524510).
BANET, JOHN R. (Voter ID number OH0019238779).
BANET, MARCY JO (Voter ID number OH0011104199).

11281 RD 192
MINCK, DAWN R. (Voter ID number OH0011104201).

CEBALLOS, ROLANDO G. (Voter ID number OH0011109716).
CONTRERAS, GUADALUPE G. (Voter ID number OH0020193083).

11382 RD 206
HART, DELORES I. (Voter ID number OH0011101087).

11504 RD 192
SCHWAB, BONNIE J. (Voter ID number OH0011106430).
SCHWAB, DUANE E. (Voter ID number OH0011106432).

11511 RD 424
MINCK, ANITA KAYE (Voter ID number OH0011104173).
MINCK, JERRY CHARLES (Voter ID number OH0011104197).

11523 RD 192
SCHWAB, DENISE E. (Voter ID number OH0011106425).

11535 RD 230
BALDWIN, DONNA RAYE (Voter ID number OH0011096628).
BALDWIN, EARL L. (Voter ID number OH0011096627).

11664 RD 192
VANCE, DENNIS JEREMY (Voter ID number OH0022102886).
VANCE, ERICA LYN (Voter ID number OH0022102916).

11677 RD 192
BALDWIN, CHRISTINE M. (Voter ID number OH0011096629).
BALDWIN, RICHARD EARL (Voter ID number OH0011096639).
BALDWIN, STEPHANIE NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0023981267).

11745 RD 424
RENOLLET, ADAM M. (Voter ID number OH0021555781).
RENOLLET, DANIELLE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0021367617).

11753 RD 192
DANGLER, REX D. (Voter ID number OH0011098683).
DANGLER, SUSAN KAY (Voter ID number OH0011098701).

11766 RD 230
DOUGLAS, ASHLYN NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0024866607).

11865 RD 192
BOYCE, JAMIE R. (Voter ID number OH0011097358).
BOYCE, KAREN MARIE (Voter ID number OH0021869401).

11878 RD 424
LAYMAN, BETTY R. (Voter ID number OH0011102969).
LAYMAN, HAROLD IVAN (Voter ID number OH0011102965).

11884 RD 192
VANCE, BRENDA JO (Voter ID number OH0011108168).
VANCE, CLAYTON TALMADGE (Voter ID number OH0011108166).

11887 RD 224
KOENN, CATHERINE RAINELL (Voter ID number OH0011102545).
KOENN, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number OH0011102557).

11949 RD 200
MCDOUGALL, MARY E. (Voter ID number OH0011103712).

11995 RD 224
KOENN, TED PETE (Voter ID number OH0011102559).

12061 RD 192
DIX, HAILEY MORGAN (Voter ID number OH0023679898).

12064 RD 192
VOGEL, DORTHEA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0019008864).
VOGEL, HUNTER JOE (Voter ID number OH0024612446).
VOGEL, ROBERT T. (Voter ID number OH0019008872).

12109 RD 200
STRALEY, RUDY KENNETH (Voter ID number OH0011107561).

12131 RD 192
FULK, ARNOLD LLOYD (Voter ID number OH0011100073).
FULK, LINDA SUE (Voter ID number OH0011100071).

12133 RD 224
HANKINSON, STACHIE JO (Voter ID number OH0011101004).

12147 RD 216
SIMPSON, AMBER (Voter ID number OH0021555675).
SIMPSON, CHARLES E. (Voter ID number OH0011106842).
SIMPSON, SUSAN K. (Voter ID number OH0011106861).

12186 RD 424
BOLLENBACHER, COLTON M. (Voter ID number OH0022431099).
BULLARD, SIERRA DANIELLE (Voter ID number OH0024985367).

12197 RD 424
HULL, PHILIP J. (Voter ID number OH0011101705).
HULL, VICKY SUE (Voter ID number OH0011101715).
WALLACE, RUTH ANN (Voter ID number OH0021367622).

12230 RD 216
VOGEL, JADE M. (Voter ID number OH0021759795).
VOGEL, MICHELLE M. (Voter ID number OH0011110150).
VOGEL, PATRICK M. (Voter ID number OH0011108277).

12244 RD 224
MCMICHAEL, JENNIFER L. (Voter ID number OH0011101937).
MCMICHAEL, TAYLOR DANIELLE (Voter ID number OH0022922355).

12247 RD 224
GRIFFITH, JACOB RYAN (Voter ID number OH0018941091).
GRIFFITH, JODI LYNNE (Voter ID number OH0011102543).

12287 RD 224
JOHNSTON, CATHERINE S. (Voter ID number OH0011102015).

12311 RD 200
LANEY, LARRY L. (Voter ID number OH0011102846).

ANDERSON, DELMAR C. (Voter ID number OH0011110821).
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH M. (Voter ID number OH0011110822).
ANDERSON, LAIF G. (Voter ID number OH0011110840).

12337 RD 200
LANEY, ELAINE M. (Voter ID number OH0011102843).
LANEY, LARRY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011102848).

12355 RD 224
JEWELL, LISA A. (Voter ID number OH0020841151).

12382 RD 224
HULL, BARBARA F. (Voter ID number OH0011101691).
HULL, PHILBERT D. (Voter ID number OH0011101704).

12426 RD 200
NICELLEY, CURTIS A. (Voter ID number OH0011104562).
NICELLEY, EMILEE ANN (Voter ID number OH0023729989).

COLLEY, JOHN WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0022234121).
VANCE, CHRISTINE R. (Voter ID number OH0019980767).
VANCE, THOMAS PATRICK (Voter ID number OH0024572323).

HOOD, DUTTON (Voter ID number OH0011120110).
HOOD, LINDA S. (Voter ID number OH0011120135).

12464 RD 8
WILLITZER, ALAYNA RENEE (Voter ID number OH0024908370).
WILLITZER, ERIKA (Voter ID number OH0019196844).
WILLITZER, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0019142865).

OSKEY, ETHEL BERNICE (Voter ID number OH0011125733).

12612 RD 8
SOLAK, MATTHEW G. (Voter ID number OH0022677150).
SOLAK, PATRICIA A. (Voter ID number OH0022677151).

WALK, THEODORE J. (Voter ID number OH0011132421).

ATCHLEY, DEBORAH ANN (Voter ID number OH0011111111).
ATCHLEY, LARRY W. (Voter ID number OH0011111122).

12748 RD 224
POULSON, HARRY G. (Voter ID number OH0011105215).
POULSON, KAREN L. (Voter ID number OH0019063459).

OVERMYER, GINA M. (Voter ID number OH0011111337).

OVERMYER, SETH N. (Voter ID number OH0024383607).

MORENO, JESUS S. (Voter ID number OH0011124906).
PERALEZ MORENO, LUCILA A. (Voter ID number OH0011126094).

YEICH, DONNA C. (Voter ID number OH0011133850).
YEICH, LAWRENCE JAY (Voter ID number OH0011133851).

12923 GIER RD
ANTOINE, EDWARD R. (Voter ID number OH0011110951).

SHAFFER, JASON D. (Voter ID number OH0011735830).

13027 RD 232
BERTWELL, BEVERLY RAE (Voter ID number OH0011096983).
BERTWELL, GREGORY J. (Voter ID number OH0020124157).
BERTWELL, MONICA L. (Voter ID number OH0019832648).
BERTWELL, SCOTT ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011096985).

13064 RD 232
FLINT, RYAN E. (Voter ID number OH0011099819).

13080 RD 232
BENNETT, CATHY SUE (Voter ID number OH0011096931).
BENNETT, VINCENT L. (Voter ID number OH0011097011).

13116 RD 224
RILEY, JEFFREY LYNN (Voter ID number OH0023844076).
RILEY, REBECCA ANN EDWARDS (Voter ID number OH0023844097).

13145 RD 224
ZELLER, AVERY TROY (Voter ID number OH0011109232).
ZELLER, BAILEY MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022884036).
ZELLER, CATHERINE S. (Voter ID number OH0019263226).

13257 RD 232
ZELLER, HERBERT LEE (Voter ID number OH0011109227).
ZELLER, SANDRA K. (Voter ID number OH0011109239).

13304 RD 224
TODD, MICHAEL R. (Voter ID number OH0011107972).
TODD, TARA JEANNE (Voter ID number OH0022520647).

13396 RD 232
BALDWIN, MARSHA M. (Voter ID number OH0021382337).

13428 RD 232
HASSELSCHWERT, VIRGIL L. (Voter ID number OH0019206998).

13466 RD 232
VEGA, LETINNIA (Voter ID number OH0021047004).
VILLARREAL, JUAN (Voter ID number OH0011108254).
VILLARREAL, LUPE (Voter ID number OH0011108253).

13531 RD 232
LEININGER, SHANE ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0024702453).
SWARY, MELISSA M. (Voter ID number OH0011099386).

13575 RD 208
STILTNER, CHRIS A. (Voter ID number OH0011107394).
STILTNER, JULIA L. (Voter ID number OH0016016508).

13586 RD 232
HATFIELD, GLENDA J. (Voter ID number OH0011101156).
HATFIELD, ROBERT M. (Voter ID number OH0011101157).

13655 RD 232
ANKNEY, PAULA L. (Voter ID number OH0011109934).
ANKNEY, VERNON E. (Voter ID number OH0011109937).

13775 RD 232
LAKER, ARLENE M. (Voter ID number OH0011102751).
LAKER, KENNETH P. (Voter ID number OH0011102754).

13784 RD 232
WOLFRUM, MARGENE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011108995).

13974 RD 232
JURY, ERIN BETHANY (Voter ID number OH0021085676).
VOIROL, SARAH LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0011108285).
VOIROL, WILLIAM L. (Voter ID number OH0011108288).

14048 RD 8
SHRIDER, CHARLENE JANE (Voter ID number OH0011106757).

14100 RD 8
KRUSE, DIANE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011102647).
KRUSE, LESTER VERNON (Voter ID number OH0011102637).

14152 RD 8
MATTOCKS, SETH (Voter ID number OH0022674458).
MATTOCKS, THERESA ROSE (Voter ID number OH0011103567).

14234 RD 224
ROBEY, FRANKLIN DELANO (Voter ID number OH0021881411).

14286 RD 224
CRAIG, GLORIA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0011098520).
CRAIG, ROBERT B. (Voter ID number OH0011098532).

14303 RD 210
GEBERS, SALLIE H. (Voter ID number OH0011100170).

14322 RD 232
GLOVER, LINDA L. (Voter ID number OH0022266340).

14370 RD 210
FRAZER, AMBER MARIE (Voter ID number OH0019736242).
FRAZER, TYREL E. (Voter ID number OH0024730051).
GEBERS, DENISE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011100178).
GEBERS, MICHAEL P. (Voter ID number OH0011100184).

MURPHY, AMY L. (Voter ID number OH0024557375).
MURPHY, KATHERINE JANEWAY (Voter ID number OH0024557377).
MURPHY, WILLIAM A. (Voter ID number OH0024557374).

WILLIAMS, LONNIE J. (Voter ID number OH0011133312).
WILLIAMS, MARY M. (Voter ID number OH0011133320).

14473 RD 224
BRYANT, GREGORY JOHN (Voter ID number OH0024772639).

14508 RD 8
HELLER, CINDY S. (Voter ID number OH0016038691).
HELLER, DOUGLAS L. (Voter ID number OH0011101253).

14520 RD 8
HOGHE, DANA ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0011101495).
HOGHE, JARRED ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0025001279).

14526 RD 8
AXSON, HEIDI SUE (Voter ID number OH0011097384).

14532 RD 8
YOUNG, AMY S. (Voter ID number OH0011110147).
YOUNG, KARI DIAN (Voter ID number OH0021863463).
YOUNG, KEENAN HAYES (Voter ID number OH0022575626).

BERGMAN, KATHY J. (Voter ID number OH0011112106).
BERGMAN, LYNN E. (Voter ID number OH0011112096).

14716 RD 228
LUDERMAN, COURTNEY (Voter ID number OH0024607848).
LUDERMAN, JACOB L. (Voter ID number OH0022494105).
LUDERMAN, MICHELLE ANNETTE (Voter ID number OH0011103272).
LUDERMAN, RANDY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011103275).

14724 RD 224
DIETRICH, LORI LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011099023).
DIETRICH, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number OH0011099026).

14730 RD 8
SCHMIDT, TINA RENEE (Voter ID number OH0011106336).

BROWN, JERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0011113228).
BROWN, WANDA D. (Voter ID number OH0011113328).

14795 RD 210
ANKNEY, RANDY S. (Voter ID number OH0020204371).

14885 RD 224
PHLIPOT, JAMES D. (Voter ID number OH0011105047).
PHLIPOT, JORDAN WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0021740265).
PHLIPOT, LISA ANN (Voter ID number OH0011105037).

14916 RD 232
VANVLERAH, JEREMY LEE (Voter ID number OH0024965100).

14932 SR 111
ELKINS, ALBERTA E. (Voter ID number OH0011099445).
ELKINS, GARY E. (Voter ID number OH0011099460).

14982 RD 232
BARKER, JORDAN T. (Voter ID number OH0023634020).
VOGEL, DANA JAMES (Voter ID number OH0011108279).
VOGEL, LESLIE J. (Voter ID number OH0011108271).

15010 US 127
DAVIS, CHARLES L. (Voter ID number OH0011098745).
DAVIS, DEBRA K. (Voter ID number OH0011101573).

15035 RD 133
PANICO, CHELSEA L. (Voter ID number OH0022633094).
ZEEDYK, MICHAEL JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0024996745).

15068 RD 8
KING, CURTIS L. (Voter ID number OH0011102333).
KING, KODY M. (Voter ID number OH0023548364).

15075 RD 133
BEAR, JOSEPH PETE (Voter ID number OH0011096846).

15143 RD 133
LEE, DAWN RENEE (Voter ID number OH0015882834).
LEE, KENNETH L. (Voter ID number OH0011110177).

15156 RD 8
YENSER, AMY ANN (Voter ID number OH0011109103).
YENSER, KATELYN ANN (Voter ID number OH0024408647).
YENSER, MARK ALLAN (Voter ID number OH0011109124).
YENSER, NICHOLAS JAMES (Voter ID number OH0024024889).

15171 RD 218
JUSTINGER, AMY JO ANN (Voter ID number OH0021740647).

15172 RD 123
MITCHELL, TERI ANN (Voter ID number OH0011104191).
MITCHELL, TERRY LEROY (Voter ID number OH0011104204).

15211 RD 218
VANCLEVE, RICKY WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0011108199).
VANCLEVE, RITA LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0011108200).

15241 RD 123
ANKNEY, RONALD L. (Voter ID number OH0016774912).

15261 RD 143
BRECKLER, RENEE DIANE GRACE (Voter ID number OH0024612592).
EICKHOLT, EDWIN F. (Voter ID number OH0022233707).

15287 RD 143
BOATRIGHT, KIM DAVID (Voter ID number OH0022971689).
BOATRIGHT, PAMELA Y. (Voter ID number OH0011104128).

15297 US 127
ATKINS, CASSIDY F. (Voter ID number OH0023529663).
ATKINS, HUNTER L. (Voter ID number OH0023273861).
ATKINS, JANET F. (Voter ID number OH0012852084).
ATKINS, KEVIN L. (Voter ID number OH0012852088).

15333 US 127
SIMPSON, DEANNA DONENE (Voter ID number OH0011106848).

15337 US 127
BELL, PERRY WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0024789850).
GIBSON, MARTIN G. (Voter ID number OH0019620657).
GIBSON, WADE L. (Voter ID number OH0011100298).

15351 RD 143
MILLER, JUDITH LAURINA (Voter ID number OH0011104070).
MILLER, TERRY EARNEST (Voter ID number OH0011104150).

15373 US 127
WINNIE, DARLA D. (Voter ID number OH0024701419).
WINNIE, GEORGE A. (Voter ID number OH0024471669).
WRIGHT, BRANDON KIRK (Voter ID number OH0024608910).

15471 RD 143
RETCHER, MARYELLEN (Voter ID number OH0011105575).
RETCHER, TERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0011105588).

15515 RD 133
HARPSTER, CATHERINE LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0011101037).
HARPSTER, ROBERT EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0011101040).

15515 RD 218
FERRIS, FRIEDA LEA (Voter ID number OH0011099728).

15517 RD 139
NUSBAUM, SHERYL LEE (Voter ID number OH0021398721).

POWELL, BARBARA J. (Voter ID number OH0011126603).
POWELL, JAMES L. (Voter ID number OH0011126620).

15542 RD 143
ETTER, CASEY DAWN (Voter ID number OH0018745513).
ETTER, THOR E. (Voter ID number OH0020979276).

15573 RD 87
HOWELL, BROCK JACOB (Voter ID number OH0011101619).
HOWELL, CONNOR (Voter ID number OH0021681831).
HOWELL, SHELLY JO (Voter ID number OH0011101633).

15576 RD 143
PUMPHREY, JIM D. (Voter ID number OH0011105355).
RICKENBERG, TANYA JADE (Voter ID number OH0019238762).

15582 RD 123
CORESSEL, JESSE J. (Voter ID number OH0022691813).
CORESSEL, KAYLA LYN (Voter ID number OH0023845104).

15602 RD 143
PUMPHREY, SANDRA DENISE (Voter ID number OH0011105344).
PUMPHREY, SUMMER A F (Voter ID number OH0022945682).

15624 RD 143
MILLER, MICHAEL A. (Voter ID number OH0024325731).

WIELAND, CAROLYN M. (Voter ID number OH0011133157).
WIELAND, WILLIAM R. (Voter ID number OH0011133170).

15653 RD 224
STRABLE, EUGENE F. (Voter ID number OH0011107534).

15829 RD 123
THOMAS, DAVID LEIGH (Voter ID number OH0011107844).
THOMAS, JULIE A. (Voter ID number OH0011107865).

15862 RD 139
RENIER, LAURIE ANN (Voter ID number OH0015568122).

15868 RD 87
MUSSELMAN, KENNETH W. (Voter ID number OH0011104463).
MUSSELMAN, MARK D. (Voter ID number OH0023248521).

15879 RD 139
STRABLE, RUTH E. (Voter ID number OH0020247638).
STRABLE, SAM R. (Voter ID number OH0019007511).

15886 RD 133
HARPSTER, ALLAN EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0011101041).
HARPSTER, DARLENE JANE (Voter ID number OH0011101034).

15893 RD 143
DEATRICK, ADAM J. (Voter ID number OH0022741782).
DEATRICK, ANDREW G. (Voter ID number OH0023955833).
DEATRICK, JARED W. (Voter ID number OH0020848340).
DEATRICK, SUSAN KAY (Voter ID number OH0011098806).
DEATRICK, TAYLOR JOHN (Voter ID number OH0022574354).
DEATRICK, WILLIAM J. (Voter ID number OH0011098812).
MERCER, RON D. (Voter ID number OH0022743335).

15903 RD 133
STEVENSON, DONALD L. (Voter ID number OH0011107378).
STEVENSON, MARILYN MAE (Voter ID number OH0011107386).

15918 RD 143
WELLS, JUDITH ELAINE (Voter ID number OH0011108583).
WELLS, LYNN PHILIP (Voter ID number OH0011108582).

15971 US 127
REX, CAROLYN L. (Voter ID number OH0020860194).
REX, HAROLD W. (Voter ID number OH0020860204).

15982 RD 8
ANKNEY, DENNIS J. (Voter ID number OH0022845315).

15984 RD 123
BIDLACK, JOY K. (Voter ID number OH0011097066).
BIDLACK, RILEY JAMES (Voter ID number OH0024201925).

16006 US 127
GIESIGE, CORY DAVID (Voter ID number OH0024936916).
GIESIGE, STEPHANIE RENEE (Voter ID number OH0024936937).

16015 SR 111
MESSER, DYLAN LEE (Voter ID number OH0023419007).
MESSER, LEELEON (Voter ID number OH0011103917).
MESSER, SHERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0011103932).

16033 SR 111
POLLOCK, AMANDA V. (Voter ID number OH0015591349).

16040 RD 115
BOK, MICHAEL EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0011097226).

16061 SR 111
SCHMIDT, MALINDA S. (Voter ID number OH0011106320).
SCHMIDT, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number OH0011106328).

16081 SR 111
MORRIS, BRIAN JASON (Voter ID number OH0011104349).
MORRIS, CARLA L. (Voter ID number OH0011104355).

16094 RD 139
SCHLATTER, LILLIAN JUNE (Voter ID number OH0021789414).
SCHLATTER, TRAVIS JON (Voter ID number OH0019436113).

16096 RD 105
MUNGER, JEAN M. (Voter ID number OH0011104447).

16101 SR 111
HARTER, RICHARD JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0011101112).
HARTER, VICTORIA (Voter ID number OH0011101104).

16107 RD 105
BERCAW, KEITH DAVID (Voter ID number OH0011096958).

16132 RD 143
WEIDENHAMER, BRUCE LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011108519).
WEIDENHAMER, CECILIA RAE (Voter ID number OH0022743423).
WEIDENHAMER, JORDAN TAYLOR (Voter ID number OH0024835794).
WEIDENHAMER, MICHELLE M. (Voter ID number OH0011108525).

16147 SR 111
BRADBURY, MARIA L. (Voter ID number OH0023125479).
PUCKETT, ALYSSA RENEE (Voter ID number OH0022364184).
PUCKETT, AUSTIN JAMES (Voter ID number OH0022443279).

16171 SR 111
WOODCOX, KEVIN JAMES (Voter ID number OH0011109008).
WOODCOX, LAURA LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011109013).

16193 SR 111
JACKMAN, ARLEAN J. (Voter ID number OH0015564864).

16211 US 127
PROXMIRE, DARLENE LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0011105320).

16213 SR 111
LOCKHART, CHASE JAMES (Voter ID number OH0024488764).
SIGMAN, MICHAEL CD (Voter ID number OH0024268019).

16233 RD 83
PUTNAM, TELZA REBECCA (Voter ID number OH0024965202).

16237 SR 111
HUNTER, CARROLL R. (Voter ID number OH0011105017).

16250 US 127
SWANSON, AUDREY MARIE (Voter ID number OH0024539671).
WESTRICK, AUSTIN L. (Voter ID number OH0021962458).
WESTRICK, DIANNA M. (Voter ID number OH0018168790).
WESTRICK, SCOTT L. (Voter ID number OH0018636848).

16251 US 127
SHOLL, LESLIE ANN (Voter ID number OH0022575407).
SHOLL, RANDAL ERIC (Voter ID number OH0021773555).

16301 SR 111
TOWNLEY, BRENT R. (Voter ID number OH0019281833).
TOWNLEY, LESLIE NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0011108003).

16347 SR 111
DOTTERER, FRANCIS ARLEAN (Voter ID number OH0011099176).
DOTTERER, ROSE MARY (Voter ID number OH0011099182).

16391 SR 111
HAHN, CARLOTTA B. (Voter ID number OH0011100853).
HAHN, JAMES A. (Voter ID number OH0021964485).

16401 RD 224
HARPSTER, GARY L. (Voter ID number OH0011101036).

16481 SR 111
FARLEY, DAISY MAE (Voter ID number OH0011099597).
FARLEY, TOMMY L. (Voter ID number OH0011099604).

16507 RD 115
HURTIG, JUNE ANN (Voter ID number OH0011101767).

16517 RD 224
BLAIR, APRIL R. (Voter ID number OH0011097145).

16520 RD 123
BENNETT, ANGELA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011096938).
SALAS, JESUS (Voter ID number OH0019282960).

16555 RD 232
BARNWELL, JAVA L. (Voter ID number OH0011096697).

16587 RD 232
SWEET, ROSE MARY (Voter ID number OH0011107690).

16631 SR 111
MANN, CAROL SUE (Voter ID number OH0011106921).

16641 RD 143
BLAIR, MAGGIE RUTH (Voter ID number OH0011097147).
BLAIR, SHADE E. (Voter ID number OH0011097166).

16643 RD 139
STRABLE, SCOTT R. (Voter ID number OH0011107547).

16678 RD 87
STEELE, FARRAH LEIGH (Voter ID number OH0024443399).

16708 RD 232
MCMICHAEL, JIMMY RAY (Voter ID number OH0011103777).
MCMICHAEL, NANCY JEANNE (Voter ID number OH0011103770).

16721 RD 224
DANGLER, CAROLINE ANN (Voter ID number OH0011098678).
DANGLER, KLEE M. (Voter ID number OH0011098685).

16735 RD 143
BLAIR, DOUGLAS GENE (Voter ID number OH0011097152).
BLAIR, RENA L. (Voter ID number OH0011097161).

16756 RD 87
ATHY, AMBER RAE (Voter ID number OH0021772939).
KOENN, ELLISE SUZANNE (Voter ID number OH0021586331).
KOENN, JASON THEODORE (Voter ID number OH0022024043).
PERRY, BRYCE A. (Voter ID number OH0024964964).

16765 RD 115
WHITE, BRODY E. (Voter ID number OH0011109868).

16794 RD 87
PHILLIPS, JASON A. (Voter ID number OH0021453741).
PHILLIPS, MELISSA ANN (Voter ID number OH0011102673).

16797 RD 87
COPSEY, LONI DANIELLE (Voter ID number OH0021182369).
COPSEY, TANNER G. (Voter ID number OH0021180644).

16814 RD 87
EBERLY, JEANNE SUE (Voter ID number OH0011105999).

16832 RD 87
BEAUGE, NORMAJEAN (Voter ID number OH0011096856).

16834 RD 115
HATCHER, JILL RENEE (Voter ID number OH0011101153).
HATCHER, SAMUEL EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0011101159).
HATCHER, SAMUEL SPENCER (Voter ID number OH0023060418).
HATCHER, TAYLOR NOELLE (Voter ID number OH0022323299).

16835 SR 111
SCHAADT, MAPHA LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0011106182).

16850 RD 87
RASEY, MARK AARON (Voter ID number OH0011105430).
RASEY, MICHELE R. (Voter ID number OH0011735350).
RASEY, NICHOLAS A. (Voter ID number OH0019469198).

16935 RD 224
RYCKMAN, DIETRICIA EVE (Voter ID number OH0024626248).

16966 RD 115
WINKLER, BRENDA S. (Voter ID number OH0011108875).
WINKLER, PHILLIP KEITH (Voter ID number OH0011108882).

16984 SR 111
CLEMENS, BRUCE A. (Voter ID number OH0011098140).
URIVEZ, JACKIE EVELYN (Voter ID number OH0019807801).

17011 RD 105
KEEGAN, MAXINE (Voter ID number OH0011109635).

17012 RD 105
STEEL, DANNY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011107329).

17013 RD 202
MARCH, PHYLLIS D. (Voter ID number OH0011103473).

17043 RD 236
POLLOCK, KRISTY LEE (Voter ID number OH0022074490).
POLLOCK, NICHOLAS ROY (Voter ID number OH0011105129).

17055 RD 123
PHLIPOT, JESSE J. (Voter ID number OH0022494033).
WEIPPERT, AUDREY ANN (Voter ID number OH0011108538).

17061 RD 105
PARRISH, DALE FREDRICK (Voter ID number OH0011104832).
PHILLIPS, BRENDA S. (Voter ID number OH0011105006).

17082 RD 278
HAMMER, AMY SUE (Voter ID number OH0020979207).
HAMMER, TRAVIS JACK (Voter ID number OH0021045867).

17087 RD 218
RENOLLET, DENISE SUE (Voter ID number OH0011105589).
RENOLLET, DUANE DEE (Voter ID number OH0011105570).

17091 US 127
ANDRIST, KATHI J. (Voter ID number OH0020242349).
ANDRIST, ROBERT ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0016645142).

17093 RD 139
WORMAN, DEBRA L. (Voter ID number OH0022538814).
WRIGHT, CARL B. (Voter ID number OH0020375010).
WRIGHT, CARL B. (Voter ID number OH0023467722).
WRIGHT, JOSEPH DEREK (Voter ID number OH0022290302).

17095 RD 87
BETZER, JEFFERY ALAN (Voter ID number OH0011097022).
BETZER, STACY ANN (Voter ID number OH0011097028).
LEHMAN, DEBRA LEE (Voter ID number OH0011103001).

17103 RD 105
SCHAFFER, GARY EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0019866747).

17103 RD 105, LOT 12
VANVALKENBURG, JESSICA R. (Voter ID number OH0019436555).

17151 RD 202
ADKINS, GREGORY CARL (Voter ID number OH0011096235).
MERICLE ADKINS, KATHLEEN ELLEN (Voter ID number OH0011103868).

17155 RD 139
RABLE, DAVID A. (Voter ID number OH0024680436).

17186 US 127
PHILLIPS, TROY M. (Voter ID number OH0022556997).

17206 RD 226
KLENDER, MARGARET MARY (Voter ID number OH0011102408).

17223 RD 143
DEATRICK, KATHRYN FAYE (Voter ID number OH0011098809).

17225 RD 115
WEIPPERT, PAMELA MARY (Voter ID number OH0011108541).
WEIPPERT, RICKY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011108542).

17228 US 127
RODRIGUEZ, HARRY A. (Voter ID number OH0011105844).
RODRIGUEZ, SARAH S. (Voter ID number OH0011105847).

17240 RD 105
MCCLOUD, DUSTYN RAY (Voter ID number OH0025013773).
MCCLOUD, JULIE ANN (Voter ID number OH0011103639).
MCCLOUD, RAYMOND DARRIN (Voter ID number OH0011103633).

17248 US 127
HODGE, MATTHEW JAMES (Voter ID number OH0011101457).
HODGE, ROBBYN E. (Voter ID number OH0020154221).

MAST, JULIE A. (Voter ID number OH0018641660).

17251 US 127
DYSINGER, TERRY K. (Voter ID number OH0011099312).
LANDFAIR, JOHN MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0011102822).
SWING, MICHELLE LEE (Voter ID number OH0023435164).

17257 US 127
ODONNELL, TIMOTHY E. (Voter ID number OH0011104663).

17262 US 127
PERL, MARSHA LEE (Voter ID number OH0011104960).
PERL, RICHARD E. (Voter ID number OH0011104969).

17273 US 127
LANDFAIR, HEATHER M. (Voter ID number OH0019193308).
LANDFAIR, MATTHEAS J. (Voter ID number OH0011102828).

17300 RD 232
FLORES, CARLOS MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0024782041).
HAWKINS, TAMMY J. (Voter ID number OH0024056833).

17300 RD 73
HICKS, STACEY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011101392).
HUNT, ADAM H. (Voter ID number OH0011101711).
HUNT, SUSAN KAY (Voter ID number OH0011101743).

17317 RD 218
WILHELM, ASHLEY K. (Voter ID number OH0020841193).
WILHELM, TROY JOSEPH (Voter ID number OH0011109688).

17320 RD 218
MILLER, MARSHA KAY (Voter ID number OH0020855162).
WILLIAMSON, JONATHON PAUL (Voter ID number OH0021843429).

17341 RD 139
LARSON, ALICIA FAWN (Voter ID number OH0022266961).
LARSON, JAIMIE L. (Voter ID number OH0011102881).
WEST, DALE RICHARD (Voter ID number OH0022707307).

17342 RD 73
HUNT, JOSEPH HENRY (Voter ID number OH0011101736).
HUNT, MARY K. (Voter ID number OH0011101735).

17361 RD 202
PAXTON, ROSEMARIE (Voter ID number OH0011104875).

17374 RD 139
HASCH, CONSTANCE SUE (Voter ID number OH0011109482).
HASCH, JOHN ALBERT (Voter ID number OH0011101142).

17374 US 127
RAZO, ARTHUR (Voter ID number OH0011105442).
RAZO, CAROL S. (Voter ID number OH0011105441).
RAZO, RACHEL RENEE (Voter ID number OH0021997179).
RAZO, TIFFANY NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0019837021).

17381 RD 73
SHAFFER, DONALD D. (Voter ID number OH0011106527).
SHAFFER, SHARON L. (Voter ID number OH0011106562).

17403 RD 139
SHULL, ERIC LEE (Voter ID number OH0020099631).
SHULL, KRISTINA ANNE (Voter ID number OH0011096438).

17404 RD 105
KEEGAN, LUCAS NEIL (Voter ID number OH0019469399).

17458 RD 8
JONES, LONNIE DALE (Voter ID number OH0011109791).
JONES, LORETTA K. (Voter ID number OH0011110141).

17461 RD 115
LUDERMAN, EDWARD J. (Voter ID number OH0011103278).

17490 US 127
JACKSON, LUKE ANTHONY (Voter ID number OH0023502506).
JACKSON, PHILLIP SHAWN (Voter ID number OH0020202646).
JACKSON, SHAWN MATTHEW (Voter ID number OH0024653249).
JACKSON, STACY LEE (Voter ID number OH0020202731).

17498 RD 143
WOODRUFF, ANNETTE ANN (Voter ID number OH0011109019).
WOODRUFF, MICHAEL JAMES (Voter ID number OH0011109025).

17504 RD 8
BEVINS, PATRICIA L. (Voter ID number OH0011097034).
GILLETT, KEVIN E. (Voter ID number OH0023009428).
SISCO, TIMOTHY W. (Voter ID number OH0022592869).

17507 RD 73
CARR, MARTHA ANNE (Voter ID number OH0011097963).

17536 RD 232
FLORENCE, MONICA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0018904857).

17553 RD 218
MILLER, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number OH0011104131).

17588 RD 8
MAST, GARY L. (Voter ID number OH0022266429).
MAST, LAURIE J. (Voter ID number OH0020141691).

17591 RD 73
COLEMAN, CANDIS MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011100296).

17620 RD 8
KINDER, DENISE LEE (Voter ID number OH0019127614).
KINDER, JASON DEAN (Voter ID number OH0018559832).

17624 RD 232
KLINE, TAMMY (Voter ID number OH0024472487).
STUTZMAN, ALEXIS A. (Voter ID number OH0023469870).

17651 RD 73
SPRYN, HAYDEN MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0024965095).
SPRYN, TERRY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011107236).
SPRYN, WENDY SUE (Voter ID number OH0011107239).

17696 RD 105
HOWELL, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number OH0011101626).

17702 RD 218
FERRIS, BRUCE LEE (Voter ID number OH0011099715).
FERRIS, CHRISTINE DIANE (Voter ID number OH0011099713).

17707 RD 226
MCMICHAEL, JEREMY ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0011103776).
MCMICHAEL, TONY W. (Voter ID number OH0011103778).

17721 RD 123
WEIPPERT, JANE PATRICE (Voter ID number OH0011108540).
WEIPPERT, WILLIAM JACOB (Voter ID number OH0011108543).

17748 RD 8
RAMSEY, THERESA N. (Voter ID number OH0022890720).

17754 RD 8
VANVLERAH, AMY J. (Voter ID number OH0011108154).

17791 RD 218
BLAIR, CHARLES DUDDLEY (Voter ID number OH0011097146).

17803 RD 277
DELONG, JACK CARL (Voter ID number OH0011098880).
DELONG, JULIE ANN (Voter ID number OH0011098888).
MILLER, JOSHUA B. (Voter ID number OH0021398093).

17827 RD 218
BLAIR, DAVID K. (Voter ID number OH0011097154).
LAURIN, HEATHER LYNN (Voter ID number OH0021814143).

17828 RD 8
VOLTZ, ALONZO D. (Voter ID number OH0011108293).
VOLTZ, DENISE C. (Voter ID number OH0011108291).

17859 US 127
BRAY, CHRISTOPHER ANDREW (Voter ID number OH0024626652).
MICHEL, SIERRA SAMANTHA (Voter ID number OH0023595712).

17859 US 127, LOT 10
BAUER, BRIAN T. (Voter ID number OH0011096744).

17859 US 127, LOT 13
MAWK, DARRELL CLYDE (Voter ID number OH0024191933).
MAWK, ROSCOE ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0022272708).
MAWK, TABATHA A. (Voter ID number OH0022960806).

17859 US 127, LOT 17
FARRELL, RUSSELL WARREN (Voter ID number OH0024645333).

17859 US 127, LOT 2
THOMAS, RANDALL R. (Voter ID number OH0011107866).

17859 US 127, LOT 23
SLEDGE, PAULINE (Voter ID number OH0011106952).

17859 US 127, LOT 24
SNODGRASS, EVELYN JOYCE (Voter ID number OH0020141901).
SNODGRASS, ROBERT DEAN (Voter ID number OH0011107131).

17859 US 127, LOT 26
THOMPSON, DEBORAH L. (Voter ID number OH0022679087).

17859 US 127, LOT 28
HIRE, MICHELLE D. (Voter ID number OH0023337723).
MAILLET, MARK ROBERT (Voter ID number OH0024789038).

17859 US 127, LOT 29
DUFFEY, MARY ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0016037063).
DUFFEY, ROBERT GEORGE (Voter ID number OH0016037067).
DUFFEY, ROBERT JOHNATHAN (Voter ID number OH0024292227).

17859 US 127, LOT 33
SITTON, GORDON R. (Voter ID number OH0011109581).

17859 US 127, LOT 44
BECERRA HERNANDEZ, MIGUEL A. (Voter ID number OH0024501673).
BECERRA, ANGELA R. (Voter ID number OH0011101861).

17859 US 127, LOT 7
FROELICH, PHILLIP F. (Voter ID number OH0011104116).

17859 US 127, LOT 8
LUCAS, MARGARET L. (Voter ID number OH0022356679).

17876 RD 8
FROELICH, DANIEL LEE (Voter ID number OH0011100064).
FROELICH, ROSE ANN (Voter ID number OH0021244060).
FROELICH, SAMUEL LEE (Voter ID number OH0024612643).
PETERSON, ELIZABETH A. (Voter ID number OH0021650007).

17881 RD 278
MCCREERY, BONNIE KATHLEEN (Voter ID number OH0024525051).
MCCREERY, DELORES ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0011103681).
MCCREERY, EDWARD CLINTON (Voter ID number OH0011103683).

17901 US 127
DIVEN, JODIE J. (Voter ID number OH0011099058).
DIVEN, KEVIN R. (Voter ID number OH0011099061).

17902 RD 115
BUSH, BARBARA A. (Voter ID number OH0011097775).

17913 RD 232
WEBB, BENJAMIN J. (Voter ID number OH0022440128).
WEBB, ERIN ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0023942176).

17968 RD 115
CLARK, JAMES ANTHONY (Voter ID number OH0011098088).
CLARK, TERRY LEE (Voter ID number OH0016022717).

17981 RD 278
KOENN, KATHY A. (Voter ID number OH0011102544).
KOENN, LEO T. (Voter ID number OH0011102547).

17995 RD 277
CARNAHAN, KAROL A. (Voter ID number OH0020946636).
CARNAHAN, MICHAEL E. (Voter ID number OH0020946620).

18012 RD 218
ANKNEY, SHARON LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011096420).

18026 RD 232
MUNCY, HASKELL (Voter ID number OH0011104423).
MUNCY, PAULA (Voter ID number OH0019574094).

18054 RD 109
BOWERS, PATRIC T. (Voter ID number OH0011097340).
SUNDAY, ROSE MARY (Voter ID number OH0011107665).

18093 US 127
RUSH, DAVID L. (Voter ID number OH0011106034).
RUSH, ILLA J. (Voter ID number OH0011106048).

18107 RD 115
LAKER, DAVID CHARLES (Voter ID number OH0011102742).
LAKER, JANET MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011102750).
PUCKETT, KURTIS PATRICK (Voter ID number OH0021636322).

18145 RD 105
MINCK, JEFFREY ALLAN (Voter ID number OH0023563813).

18176 RD 99
FRALEY, GERALD L. (Voter ID number OH0011099952).
FRALEY, VIRGINIA L. (Voter ID number OH0011099965).

18242 RD 133
SCHROEDER, HILDA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0023207240).
SCHROEDER, RONALD DAVID (Voter ID number OH0023207255).

18242 US 127
LUTHER, JULIE A. (Voter ID number OH0023378485).

18248 RD 109
CARR, JACLYN MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022105121).
CARR, JARRETT JESS (Voter ID number OH0022185635).
JOHNS, MICHELLE R. (Voter ID number OH0011101947).

18262 RD 230
MILLER, AMY J. (Voter ID number OH0011102012).
MILLER, JEREMY J. (Voter ID number OH0011104060).

18264 RD 139
PAXTON, MYRNA JEAN (Voter ID number OH0011106987).
PAXTON, RONALD LEE (Voter ID number OH0011104874).

18275 RD 109
CLEMENS, DANIEL PAUL (Voter ID number OH0024715387).
CLEMENS, JILL S. (Voter ID number OH0024712654).

18277 RD 133
GRIMES, LEAH DANIELLE (Voter ID number OH0024156191).
PORTER, JEFFREY EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0022589935).

18279 US 127
RUPPERT, BRIDGET K. (Voter ID number OH0024218981).

18288 RD 230
SENSABAUGH, DAKOTA SHAE (Voter ID number OH0023520677).
SENSABAUGH, GINA ARLENE (Voter ID number OH0011106493).
SENSABAUGH, PATRICK ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011106494).

18308 US 127
THOMPSON, RUSTY LEE (Voter ID number OH0022930671).

18329 RD 89
HOSTETTLER, SHERRY L. (Voter ID number OH0011101597).

18364 US 127
BRYANT, ROSEMARY (Voter ID number OH0011097614).

18392 US 127
SHIDLER, GERRY O. (Voter ID number OH0011106682).

18415 RD 139
CEREGHIN, JEFFREY T. (Voter ID number OH0011098017).

18457 US 127
MINCK, ANITA L. (Voter ID number OH0011104183).
MINCK, SCOTT ANTHONY (Voter ID number OH0011104188).

18474 US 127
KIRKHAM, JOSEPH PAUL (Voter ID number OH0011102397).
KIRKHAM, SHARON MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011102398).
PETERSON, JOHNATHON A. (Voter ID number OH0024516377).

18476 RD 109
MYERS, CATHY ANN (Voter ID number OH0011104468).
MYERS, THOMAS CHARLES (Voter ID number OH0011104514).

18535 US 127
MINCK, BRANSON WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0023646885).
MINCK, JOHN M. (Voter ID number OH0011104184).
MINCK, KATJI P. (Voter ID number OH0019398742).

18564 RD 123
PASCHALL, LOUISE E. (Voter ID number OH0011104861).

18580 RD 115
SHININGER, ALLEN JAMES (Voter ID number OH0011106689).

18581 RD 99
HOGANS, JARED H. (Voter ID number OH0018706900).
SHOLL, LINDA MAE (Voter ID number OH0011096950).

18627 US 127
STUCHELL, NATHAN J. (Voter ID number OH0011107623).

18642 RD 85
KASHNER, RONALD DALE (Voter ID number OH0011102180).

18652 RD 109
MILLER, NANCY K. (Voter ID number OH0011104127).
MILLER, WILLIAM MAX (Voter ID number OH0011104178).

18657 RD 85
DALTON, SIERRA BREANN (Voter ID number OH0022443256).

18683 RD 109
KLINE, ARLENE KAY (Voter ID number OH0011102416).
KLINE, JERRY F. (Voter ID number OH0011102426).

18690 RD 123
PEARSON, WESLEY RAY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0024691682).

18693 RD 99
PACK, SHANE T. (Voter ID number OH0011104764).

18719 RD 85
DEMOSS, KIMBERLY S. (Voter ID number OH0020377412).
DEMOSS, ROBERT H. (Voter ID number OH0020377416).
HARPER, DAWN R. (Voter ID number OH0023964492).

18724 RD 105
BEREGSZAZI, ANGELA KAY (Voter ID number OH0011096959).

18786 RD 123
CARR, BEVERLY J. (Voter ID number OH0023567970).
TAYLOR, MARVIN H. (Voter ID number OH0023847067).
TAYLOR, MASON M. (Voter ID number OH0021023425).

18788 RD 85
FEASBY, RHONDA DAE (Voter ID number OH0022139088).
FEASBY, TIMOTHY ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0022139129).

18811 RD 85
LOGAN, JESSIE M. (Voter ID number OH0011109826).
LOGAN, JOHN EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0023178450).
PLOTTS, STEVEN G. (Voter ID number OH0020026186).

18834 RD 123
KEYS, ARNOLDA FERN (Voter ID number OH0011109515).
KEYS, ROBERT E. (Voter ID number OH0011102318).

18860 RD 115
DICKEY, ERNEST (Voter ID number OH0017772534).
MCDOUGALL DICKEY, VIRGINIA D. (Voter ID number OH0011103709).

18864 RD 109
BODENBENDER, BRUCE A. (Voter ID number OH0019605067).
BODENBENDER, RITA R. (Voter ID number OH0011097192).

18877 US 127
NICELLEY, JENIFER MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011104566).
NICELLEY, ROGER L. (Voter ID number OH0011104555).
NICELLEY, RYAN K. (Voter ID number OH0023496974).

18880 RD 115
GROSS, BEVERLY SUE (Voter ID number OH0011100730).
GROSS, LAWERANCE RAY (Voter ID number OH0011100751).

18890 RD 89
SMITH, JOHN B. (Voter ID number OH0022948043).

18891 RD 115
BODENBURG, PAUL A. (Voter ID number OH0024474573).

18906 RD 115
WARD, PEGGY LEE (Voter ID number OH0011108416).
WARD, RICHARD JAY (Voter ID number OH0011108417).

18906 RD 123
FRESHOUR, CINDY L. (Voter ID number OH0011100015).
FRESHOUR, JAMES H. (Voter ID number OH0011100010).

18915 RD 109
GASTON, ELIZABETH NICOLE (Voter ID number OH0022575524).
GASTON, KELLIE CHERRIE (Voter ID number OH0011100171).
GASTON, TERRY EARL (Voter ID number OH0011100177).

18950 RD 115
SAWYER, DEBRA SUE (Voter ID number OH0011096403).
SAWYER, PAUL EUGENE (Voter ID number OH0015874238).
SAWYER, WYATT C. (Voter ID number OH0022592605).

18950 US 127
MARTINEZ, CLIFTON (Voter ID number OH0022739850).
MARTINEZ, CLIFTON C. (Voter ID number OH0022793454).
MARTINEZ, COLLEEN P. (Voter ID number OH0022739840).
MOORE, BROOKE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022027534).

18981 RD 115
HURTIG, GARY NED (Voter ID number OH0011101770).
HURTIG, MELODY ANN (Voter ID number OH0011101766).

18993 RD 143
MOWERY, MICHELLE RENEE (Voter ID number OH0022809866).

RUPPERT, TONI MAE (Voter ID number OH0023520327).

TURNER, CLARENCE J. (Voter ID number OH0011108104).

MUNIZ, MICHELLE (Voter ID number OH0024984752).

KEELER, ADAM CHARLES (Voter ID number OH0019175015).
KEELER, PENNY J. (Voter ID number OH0011102213).

BALDWIN, JOHN DAVID (Voter ID number OH0011096638).
BALDWIN, KAREN KAY (Voter ID number OH0011096637).

BUELL, RACHEL LYNN (Voter ID number OH0020397617).

CLARK, DESIREE BECCA (Voter ID number OH0024686153).
CLARK, ZACHARY A. (Voter ID number OH0024564418).

ADAMS, DEBRA KAY (Voter ID number OH0011096164).
ADAMS, RICHARD A. (Voter ID number OH0011096198).

ELKINS, COURTNEY E. (Voter ID number OH0019469516).
ELKINS, PATRICK M. (Voter ID number OH0021681972).
ELKINS, REBECCA ANN (Voter ID number OH0022756981).

WOODRING, DELLA E. (Voter ID number OH0011109029).
WOODRING, DENNIS P. (Voter ID number OH0011109024).

TURNER, CARLENE A. (Voter ID number OH0011108110).

SMITH, LONNIE A. (Voter ID number OH0011107063).

KEELER, ASHIA N. (Voter ID number OH0011102204).
WOODBY, NATHAN JOHN (Voter ID number OH0018684590).

MESSMAN, MOLLY KAY (Voter ID number OH0022910242).
MESSMAN, ROBERT LEE (Voter ID number OH0011109406).

PEASE, AUDREY R. (Voter ID number OH0024737155).
PEASE, MALINDA KAY (Voter ID number OH0011104900).

FARSHT, CHARLES L. (Voter ID number OH0020099591).
WENDT, BILLIE JEAN (Voter ID number OH0022327877).

RAUB, CINDY LOU (Voter ID number OH0011101210).
RAUB, HAROLD E. (Voter ID number OH0021808618).

GEIGER, KERRY ANN (Voter ID number OH0011101740).

GLASSEY, STUART MORGAN (Voter ID number OH0011100357).

MARONEY, BONNIE J. (Voter ID number OH0024452042).

HOOK, BUFFIE M. (Voter ID number OH0018675565).
HOOK, MIKE VINCENT (Voter ID number OH0011101558).

CUMMINS, JEANENE L. (Voter ID number OH0011103070).

JOHNSTON, EDWARD P. (Voter ID number OH0011102028).
JOHNSTON, MAX LEROY (Voter ID number OH0011102029).

JOHNSTON, DAVID L. (Voter ID number OH0023958082).

BUCHHOLZ, CHAD EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0011097625).
MEADE, MOLLY ELIZABETH (Voter ID number OH0022540527).

TALBOTT, ANN M. (Voter ID number OH0024610423).
TALBOTT, PAUL D. (Voter ID number OH0022670042).

BUNNELL, STEPHANIE LAUREN (Voter ID number OH0021725243).

LUSK, STEPHANIE NICHOLE (Voter ID number OH0022532937).
WOODRUFF, JUSTIN M. (Voter ID number OH0021984601).

BOND, DONNA L. (Voter ID number OH0023089418).

COLLINS, RYELEE M. (Voter ID number OH0022739892).
HOBART, MARY E. (Voter ID number OH0011106378).

LUSK, CRYSTAL MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022266372).

SHEETS, GENE F. (Voter ID number OH0011106617).
SHEETS, NANCY J. (Voter ID number OH0011106612).

MATTHEWS, JAIME R. (Voter ID number OH0015623991).
WALTENBARGER, THOM (Voter ID number OH0023112630).

8037 RD 230
WILLSON, HOLLY E. (Voter ID number OH0022866977).
WILLSON, JON S. (Voter ID number OH0022989640).

8068 RD 230
ROOKS, MICHELLE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0019245178).
ROOKS, SUSAN L. (Voter ID number OH0011105896).

8123 RD 230
BOESCH, LAURA A. (Voter ID number OH0011097205).

8201 RD 192
LANGHAM, KARL ANTHONY (Voter ID number OH0011102857).
LANGHAM, KAY F. (Voter ID number OH0011102861).

8237 RD 230
ROMERO, ARRON RYAN (Voter ID number OH0023635538).
ROMERO, LINDA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0018044173).
ROMERO, RUSSELL (Voter ID number OH0011105883).
ROMERO, TIFFANY AMBER (Voter ID number OH0023631814).

8302 RD 230
FRIEND, HARRY J. (Voter ID number OH0011100045).
FRIEND, RHONDA KAREN (Voter ID number OH0011100038).

8311 RD 230
TRAXLER, MEGAN MARIE (Voter ID number OH0022819986).
TRAXLER, NICHOLAS R. (Voter ID number OH0021046851).

8355 RD 230
CAPERTON, ROBERT R. (Voter ID number OH0011097842).

8357 RD 230
MILLER, JAMES B. (Voter ID number OH0023032403).

8359 RD 230
FRIEND, PATRICIA J. (Voter ID number OH0011105459).
PARISOT, MARK D. (Voter ID number OH0021636966).
PARISOT, MEGAN CHANTEL (Voter ID number OH0022817040).

8481 RD 230
FISHER, DAVID ALLEN (Voter ID number OH0011098849).
FISHER, JAMES A. (Voter ID number OH0024692134).
FISHER, MANDI MARIE (Voter ID number OH0023127128).
FISHER, MARY L. (Voter ID number OH0011098863).

8545 RD 192
GORDON, BROOKE K. (Voter ID number OH0023892915).
GORDON, MARGIE LINN (Voter ID number OH0011100482).

8643 RD 230
BEGLEY, FLOY RUTH (Voter ID number OH0011096888).

8736 RD 192
GORDON, DALTON W. (Voter ID number OH0024222516).

9023 RD 192
MCCLAIN, JEANETTE (Voter ID number OH0011103619).
MCCLAIN, THOMAS W. (Voter ID number OH0011103631).

9026 RD 230
HOOTMAN, LINDA LEE (Voter ID number OH0011101775).

9061 RD 424
RHOAD, FRANCIS LEE (Voter ID number OH0011105610).
RHOAD, LINDA M. (Voter ID number OH0011105620).

9080 RD 8
FINCH, BRADLEY L. (Voter ID number OH0019106668).
FINCH, TERESA JANE (Voter ID number OH0019036100).

9081 RD 192
LUCAS, KIMBERLY J. (Voter ID number OH0011103261).
LUCAS, STEPHEN J. (Voter ID number OH0011103274).
STEVENSON, NICHOLAS J. (Voter ID number OH0021140945).

9083 RD 206
RUDER, BRENDA DARLENE (Voter ID number OH0011096777).
RUDER, WILLHELM F. (Voter ID number OH0011105997).

9125 RD 192
LUCAS, DEBORAH SUE (Voter ID number OH0011103257).
LUCAS, RODNEY J. (Voter ID number OH0011103269).

9181 RD 230
JACKSON, SECULAH CARROLL (Voter ID number OH0011101844).

9203 RD 192
HOUNSHELL, CHRISTINE LOUISE (Voter ID number OH0011101595).
HOUNSHELL, NORVIL JUNIOR (Voter ID number OH0011101598).

9204 RD 230
TRABEL, CRYSTAL M. (Voter ID number OH0011101822).
TRABEL, LAWRENCE M. (Voter ID number OH0022266401).

9251 RD 424, LOT 14
CRABILL, JOSEPH LYNN (Voter ID number OH0011098517).

9284 RD 192
BURK, NEAL DUANE (Voter ID number OH0011097702).

LONG, JACOB CHRISTOPHER (Voter ID number OH0024787572).

9343 RD 192
HARPEL, ALLISON N. (Voter ID number OH0023519954).
THOMAS, RACHAEL ANN (Voter ID number OH0011101029).
THOMAS, ROBERT D. (Voter ID number OH0011107867).

9352 RD 8
JOHANNS, ROBERT P. (Voter ID number OH0011101939).

HARROW, DIANNA T. (Voter ID number OH0011119160).
HARROW, JAMES R. (Voter ID number OH0011119161).

9375 RD 192
CLINE, DAVID WAYNE (Voter ID number OH0011098181).
CLINE, JAMA LEE (Voter ID number OH0011098184).
CLINE, NOAH DAVID (Voter ID number OH0024524292).

9408 RD 230
SANDERS, KEVIN J. (Voter ID number OH0018064293).
SANDERS, TRACY T. (Voter ID number OH0011106103).

9417 RD 192
MOORE, AARON WILLIAM (Voter ID number OH0020618032).
MOORE, STEPHANIE LEANNE (Voter ID number OH0011109431).

9435 RD 424
SMITH, DOUGLAS RAY (Voter ID number OH0011107036).
SMITH, JUDY ANN (Voter ID number OH0011104772).

9466 RD 230
BRADBURY, EDITH M. (Voter ID number OH0011097377).
SHULL, LOU ANN (Voter ID number OH0011106781).
SHULL, TASHA L. (Voter ID number OH0023522536).

9508 RD 206
BIDLACK, DAVID (Voter ID number OH0022403538).
BIDLACK, STACY ELAINE (Voter ID number OH0012983711).

9518 RD 230
FREESE, ANGELA MARIE (Voter ID number OH0024156203).
FREESE, JOSHUA MICHAEL (Voter ID number OH0023653901).

9541 RD 192
MOOG, JOSEPHINE E. (Voter ID number OH0022266414).

9576 RD 424
MCCABE, ROGER A. (Voter ID number OH0011103613).

9593 RD 192
BONAR, LOGAN LEE (Voter ID number OH0023651353).

9631 RD 192
MCCABE, CHAD D. (Voter ID number OH0011103609).
MCCABE, TERRI J. (Voter ID number OH0011103600).

9652 RD 206
BIDLACK, DAVID O. (Voter ID number OH0011097053).

9693 RD 192
SMITH, EDGAR ALLAN (Voter ID number OH0011107028).
SMITH, SHARRON L. (Voter ID number OH0011107113).

9696 RD 230
ELDRIDGE, CHARLENE MARIE (Voter ID number OH0011099451).
JONES, BRIAN T. (Voter ID number OH0011110103).
JONES, DANA CHARLENE (Voter ID number OH0011099453).

9738 RD 230
CRAMER, MORGAN M. (Voter ID number OH0022930616).
HARRIS, AMY MICHELE (Voter ID number OH0011108106).
HARRIS, CRAIG R. (Voter ID number OH0018642606).

9741 RD 192
WISE, NANCY S. (Voter ID number OH0011109747).
WISE, RANDEL CARL (Voter ID number OH0011108907).

9781 RD 192
MELLON, CHAD EDWARD (Voter ID number OH0021428744).

9822 RD 230
DORMAN, AMY J. (Voter ID number OH0024653518).

9894 RD 230
WISWELL, MARILYN L. (Voter ID number OH0011108938).
WISWELL, ROBERT WILSON (Voter ID number OH0011108940).

9907 RD 192
CUMMINS, LAUREN RAE (Voter ID number OH0021406082).
GLOOR, CATHY LYN (Voter ID number OH0019239646).
GLOOR, JACK JAY (Voter ID number OH0011100368).

This is a privately owned genealogy website using a downloaded copy of the Ohio voter list, which is unrestricted, public information.