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The Country Divided

     The United States of America is deeply divided, and always has been. The difference in 2020 is how evenly divided it is.

     Trump is totally unacceptable to many citizens. Biden is totally unacceptable to many citizens. Jorgensen didn’t get many votes.

     Start with gun rights. One side says that if an intruder attacks your family, too bad, tough luck, you cannot have a firearm to protect your house. Another side says that if a mass-shooter kills your family members, too bad, tough luck. Both sides view the other side as an enemy deserving no mercy, instead of reviewing the chessboard for libertarian moves to resolve conflict.

     Move on to abortion. One side says if you are in a crisis pregnancy, too bad, tough luck. Another side says if nuns object to buying health insurance that covers abortion, when it is against everything they believe in, too bad, tough luck.

     Zoning restrictions prevent the construction of more housing, driving up rents. Supporters don’t give a fire truck about the struggling families. It isn’t entirely racism, either. Supporters of zoning in Beverly Hills, California probably wouldn’t mind if Black folks move in as long as they are they are rich Black folks.

     At night, when the traffic lights are flashing, the crosswalk lights don’t work. Pushing the button does nothing. Most voters don’t give a fire truck about the person who has to cross two northbound lanes, a left-turn lane and two southbound lanes on a rainy night. When a freight train crosses the street, lights flash, bells clang and gates drop, to protect persons in cars, persons who matter.

     They raised the drinking age to reduce traffic deaths, and then they raised the speed limits, revealing just how much they actually cared about traffic deaths. You see, the drinking age is an unforgivable attack on the precious, unalienable rights and basic human dignity of somebody else, while speed limits are inconvenient to persons who matter.

     Some LGBTQ supporters insist that a boy who is pretending to be a girl must be allowed to shower in the girls’ locker room, or vice versa, after gym class. Perhaps they really are so far gone that they don’t realize that this is totally unacceptable to some of the real girls. They figure the girl who objects should learn to get over it. Maybe she does not matter to them. She is not a bully, she might tell the bullies to leave the boy alone, but she doesn’t want him in the shower. John Adams said, “Facts are stubborn things, and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of out passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” He is a boy, no matter how strongly he is convinced that he is a girl. Those LGBTQ supporters try to silence dissent by labeling the girl “transphobic,” but they helped Trump win some States, because people vote privately.

     One good libertarian chess move would be to stop forcing folks to pay school taxes. Public schools would quickly run out of money and shut down. Consider the U.S. Secret Service report which emphasizes,
Most attackers were victims of bullying, which was often observed by others: Most of the attackers were bullied by their classmates, and for over half of the attackers the bullying appeared to be of a persistent pattern which lasted for weeks, months, or years. It is critical that schools implement comprehensive programs designed to promote safe and positive school climates, where students feel empowered to report bullying when they witness it or are victims of it, and where school officials and other authorities act to intervene.

     Public schools are not equipped to deal with bullying. Legitimate schools would deal effectively with bullies or go out of business. They would have to compete based on curriculum, hours, location, safety and security. In a free country, a school with a drug problem would deal with it or go out of business. In a free country, the government would be no more involved in Monday school than with Sunday school. If families cannot afford education, how can families afford a bureaucracy that pays for education?

     Sometimes the correct thing to say is, “Too bad, tough luck.” Many persons lost everything when “their” slaves were emancipated. Too bad, tough luck.

The solution

     The solution will start with ranked voting. Jorgensen and Cohen did poorly because so many voters wanted to stop Trump or stop Biden. With ranked voting, they could vote for Jorgensen and, if nobody gets a majority among first choice, then the one with the most first and second choice votes wins.

     The solution will continue by lowering the requirements for ballot access, so candidates can focus more on reaching the voters with a message.

     The solution will include demanding from the news media more coverage of local races and all of their candidates; but the duty remains with each voter to research the candidates on the campaign websites and Project Vote Smart.

     The solution will require that voters learn about all the candidates and start caring about the rights of other persons, looking over the chessboard for solutions that do not involve the long arm of the law against persons who are peacefully minding their own business.

     Remember what Benjamin Franklin said when a lady asked, “What have we got, Doctor, a republic or a monarchy?”

     Franklin replied, “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.” [1.]

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